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Transform a life starting today!

Lifting Hands Foundation is a Costa Rican organization that provides long-term support to each boy or girl in the program. To achieve this, we have many people who donate hours voluntarily to implement our programs, but also people like you who donate money monthly to cover the cost of the program.


We have two modalities:


1- Godfathers and godmothers: this program generates great enthusiasm and admiration in the heart of each boy and girl, so we take on the challenge of ensuring that everyone has one. It consists of a monthly donation of $50 and provides the opportunity to come to the foundation to meet your godchild and develop a long-term relationship.


2- Program sponsorship: people who donate 7,000 colones monthly and choose a program to sponsor. This is basically what pays for what the $50 sponsorship doesn't cover. It is for people who do not want to invest time in getting to know the boy or girls but only want to support them monthly with money. Thank you for joining our family! Starting today you can sleep knowing that you are transforming a life, one day at a time.


Bajo de los Anonos Project

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 09.46.06.png


8 years

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 15.06.19.png


12 years

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 09.48.28.png


9 años

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 17.17.09.png


15 years

Los Diques Project

Screenshot 2024-01-13 at 15.08.30.png


9 años

Screen Shot 2023-09-05 at 18.06.10.png


6 años

Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 14.43.22.png


5 años

Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 14.46.41.png


4 years

Give today!

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