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Annual Report





In 2014 I set foot in a space in the Bajo de los Anonos community called Lifting Hands. That day I understood everything! Lifting Hands was not that place, it was all the children, adolescents, adults and volunteers who walked through that door every day. Since then I repeat the same phrase: Lifting Hands is the result of hearts feeling, minds thinking and hands doing...hands lifting lives! 

This year we celebrate seven years of work in this community, of radically improving the quality of the program, and of working in an increasingly individualized way and with better results. Every year our family grows and new needs arise, but with great pride I can say that thanks to each of the people who have become part of our family, today Lifting Hands is what we dreamed of seven years ago and precisely what we want. replicate soon in another community.Who is joining us to achieve this dream with us?

We have seen our teenagers and moms become active volunteers of the foundation, students entering university, boys and girls getting through the school year, moms empowered, donors involved and volunteers going the extra mile to make all of this a reality.

Thank you for being part of our family and dreaming with us! 

Mariola Fumero Adams

Executive director

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