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University or College Communal Work

You can execute this area online, and/or in one of our projects located in Bajo de los Anonos and Los Diques.


In the TCU area you can work with several people:


Leslie Lugo

Psychology Coordinator


Gabriel Gomez

Project coordinator


Mariola Fumero

Executive director


Marianne Castro

Administrative assistant


Valeria Garcia Gomez

Project coordinator


Silvia Jones

Project Officer


July Calderon

Store Manager and Community Leadership

In this area, you can support in different tasks:

Various online jobs


Communications equipment

Online Class
Collecting Donations

Whatever the type of volunteering you choose for this program, we invite you to join the general communal work chat of the project in which you are going to work, whereWe share important tips and news, or ask you for help with something specific.

Below we explain each program in detail. It is important that if a specific program catches your attention, you enter the corresponding WhatsApp group.

hipster with camera

Trabajos online varios

Various online jobs are basically about responding promptly to requirements from the Executive Management, mainly, or from someone on the team. It can be anything from completing a database to searching for some specific information or something similar. They will always give you the corresponding instructions. All people enter a specific WhatsApp chat for this purpose and from there, they begin to collaborate when required.

Recreational support

Day to day support


Department of Psychology



In the fundraising area you can collaborate in several ways. One could be looking for sponsors, godmothers or monthly donors, doing campaigns or fundraising events, among others. We are going to train you so that you understand very well how it works. When you enter the chat, send a message to let us know you're there :).

Communications equipment

In the communications team we make sure that the entire area works. This includes: 

  • Take photos in both locations

  • Make videos and edit them in both locations

  • Generate monthly social media plans

  • Design social media posts

  • Write the copies of each post

  • Generate press releases and stories for mass media

  • Etc

If you study or are passionate about communications and want to contribute, join our team. We handle everything through a WhatsApp chat. You can enter the link below. When you enter, you can go to the link we have in the description where you will find a video called "introduction" where you can train and support the team.

Recreational support

Recreational support is the support provided in the day-to-day operation of the foundation. It is divided into different areas and can be rotated.

The areas are:

1- Store: support July to keep the store in order. It involves folding clothes, selling, negotiating, supporting you in campaigns, etc.

2- Administrative support: includes attendance lists, signing permits, and special support. 

3- Assistance in classes: you can support groups of many assistants to the teacher.

4- Play spaces: play with students and keep them in a safe and fun space.

5- Order: ensure that the foundation is in order and in adequate conditions for its proper functioning.

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology is in charge of the foundation's mental health area. To support this department, you must be a person from this area or allusive (Social Sciences).


They are training spaces for beneficiaries, volunteers and staff on different topics. It can be a single workshop or you can get involved by teaching classes with the childhood group, or by implementing workshops for young people.

program measurements and evaluations

Application of measurement instruments both in the middle of the year and in November and collaborate with their respective analysis and presentation of results.

listening space

It is a space in which therapy is not provided but only the person is listened to. Specific training is provided on the topic of powerful questions that allows you to direct the space. You must submit written reports.

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